My New Year’s Resolution Was to Get My Business More Organized – Here Are The Tools That Helped Most

It’s officially 2023, and like many others, I made a New Year’s resolution to get my business more organized. From managing questions and change requests to connecting with others, I’ve found three tools that are making it easier than ever to manage my business. Read on to find out which ones and who could benefit most from using them!


What I use it for:
Creating an easier onboarding process.

My clients know that I usually send out project proposals for website design, redesign, or photography projects. In the past, I would individually create project proposals based on a template. While I love giving each project personalized attention, I would much rather use time on the project itself than on creating the proposal. Late in 2022, I started setting up Mailchimp to automate my onboarding process, send project proposals, and gain client approval. Since setup, I now outline the project requirements and my Mailchimp automation takes the onboarding process from there without compromising my brand voice or aesthetics.

Who I’d recommend MailChimp to:
Most small business owners. MailChimp’s suite of tools is a fantastic asset for small businesses, whether you just need to send out messages to your customers or are looking for basic automation to simplify your work process, MailChimp has been a great tool for simplifying communication with customers and clients. The only downside is that, compared to competitors, MailChimp can get pricy when you have a large base of users to communicate with.


What I use it for:
Managing client questions and change requests.

When new projects, change requests, questions, and communication about ongoing projects were all coming in via email, my inbox was becoming a bit of an overwhelming space. Enter FreshDesk. FreshDesk has allowed me to route change requests and questions into a ticketing system- it allows me to easily keep track of both in one centralized place, assign them to team members when needed, and mark certain tasks as “done” so nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Since starting with them in early November, I’ve received and completed just shy of 70 requests- FreshDesk has made the organization process a breeze- color me impressed!

Who I’d recommend FreshDesk to:
Business owners who manage support requests from multiple channels. FreshDesk easily integrates requests sent via email, social media, and custom help portal. The freedom to create custom ticket statuses, create pre-written responses, and auto-update clients with ticket status changes has been incredibly helpful in request management and efficiency.


What I use it for:
Connecting with others.

My Linq was just delivered this week— I am in love so far! For anyone unfamiliar, Linq and similar tools allow you to create your own personal QR code that anyone can scan right off your keychain/business card/other accessory via their camera or by tapping with an NFC connection. Once scanned, they automatically open up your Linq page which has all your contact info (plus custom links) ready for them to download with just one click (for example, you can see my page here: As a method of connecting with others, this process feels way smoother and more organized than carrying business cards everywhere. Best of all, their NFC-enabled products were surprisingly affordable!

Who I’d recommend Linq to:
Pretty much anyone (really!). Whether you are a small business owner, account representative, or other professional who regularly carries business cards, a Linq is a great, modern way to share your contact information- it’s perfect for networking!

These tools have been absolute game-changers for staying organized in the past few months—and hopefully far beyond! They are great for a variety of other small businesses and organizations interested in getting more organized themselves. Have you used any of the tools listed above? Let me know in the comments!

Happy New Year everyone!

Blog Written by Kelly Gleason

Kelly has worked as a web designer and business consultant for the past several years. She specializes in helping small to medium-sized business businesses use technology to succeed.

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