3 Awesome Tools for Better Blog Writing

We’ve already talked about just a few of the reasons to start blogging, but you may be wondering where to get started or have doubts about your professional writing abilities. This list includes three phenomenal, free-to-use tools to help you write.

Where to Start

If you are like me, you may struggle with brainstorming original topics, but an interesting title can jumpstart the writing process unlike anything else. Once you have a general topic in mind (even a vague one), try this free headline generator tool from Small Business Trends. It allows you to enter a noun or a verb and uses that information to generate tons of possible ideas for your next article!

Writing Clearly

If you struggle to write clearly, Hemmingway can be an excellent tool. Its browser-based toolset measures the grade level of your writing, its clarity, and any grammatical errors. To give you an adea, this post is rated at about the 8th grade level with a handful of hard to very hard sentences. Hemmingway highlights sentences that may be difficult to read- making editing for clarity a breeze.

Write Conveniently

Last but not least! Grammarly is another excellent tool for word processing. While it does not measure clarity, it comes with convenient apps for Google Chrome, offline processing, and a handy online editor to check spelling and grammar. Grammarly is a freemium tool, but the free plan is lightweight and easy to use across the web.

Blog Written by Kelly Gleason

Kelly has worked as a web designer and business consultant for the past several years. She specializes in helping small to medium-sized business businesses use technology to succeed.

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