Thinking Of Hiring A Freelancer? Here Are Some Things To Consider

Contract work from freelance workers isn’t going away. In fact, it’s getting more popular as time goes on. Freelancers offer specialized knowledge in pretty much any profession and serve as consultants, creators, and more.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from hiring a freelancer. Here are a few of the major benefits:

They Help Your Bottom Line

You read that right! Hiring freelancers can help you save money.

They work remotely in most cases. That means you don’t need to arrange a work area for them, and you can reduce the amount of overhead space you need for your business. In turn, this saves money you can funnel into other expenses—such as additional freelance work, ad campaigns, or increasing wages to other employees.

While an independent contractor may charge a higher hourly rate than a year-round employee, they only bill for the projects they are contracted to do. Freelance workers can be hired for as much (or as little) time as you need. This is great when you only have a few projects in the pipeline. Hiring for one gig is less expensive than hiring a part-time worker who might not be needed later.

Freelancers Can Offer Excellent Customer Service

By going directly to an independent consultant, you can expect streamlined customer service. A freelancer knows everyone they work with. They know the status of all in-progress projects and are usually quick to respond.

Freelancers Are Small Businesses

Freelancers are often flying solo, so to speak- about as small as a small business can get. On top of that, there are over 55 million of them in the US right now. That is over a third of all workers!
If you want to support small businesses, look for a freelancer to help with projects such as web design, branding, blog posts, and more.

Curious about how to hire a freelancer for your business needs? Reach out to learn more.

Blog Written by Kelly Gleason

Kelly has worked as a web designer and business consultant for the past several years. She specializes in helping small to medium-sized business businesses use technology to succeed.

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