Will My Project Be Covered Under Warranty?

Yes! Websites that I build are under a one-year-from-completion warranty. Likewise, work that I perform on an existing site is also covered under a one-year-from-completion warranty.

What is covered under warranty? 

Official language: Any problems that are discovered with software or programs installed by the agency (Kelly C Creative Services) will be covered under warranty for a period of one year from the project completion date. Errors will be fixed within three weeks of the report date without additional charge. Warranty includes core functionality only and excludes any additional change requests or work performed by third parties (anyone outside of the Agency or Agency-hired Subcontractors). 

In a nutshell: I don’t expect problems to occur, but if they do, you’re covered on work I’ve done for a year after your project has been completed. Change requests after finalization, site maintenance, and problems or conflicts from changes that were not made by my company are not considered warranty and are billable services.